WOLFGANG GLECHNER was born in 1951 in Upper Austria. After and alongside a colourful career as a student (biology, law, japanology, pedagogy), bookseller, elementary school teacher, banquet waiter, and single father, he trained himself as an artist, mainly autodidactically. Before his current period of oil painting, which began about 1997, Glechner spent decades working intensively in pure black and white, mainly pendrawing and etching. This is probably one of the roots of the suggestive dynamics of his later coloured compositions and the decisiveness of his painting style.
His work was presented in numerous exhibitions since 1984, primarily in Austria. and is permanently and periodically displayed in several galleries. He lives and works in Vienna. Detailed chronological CV in German
Glechners paintings are captivating in their representational narrative power and expressive color, not infrequently spiced with a pinch of enigmatic humor. Unaffected by thematically and stylistically enforced unity, Glechner's paintings and drawings open up an unobstructed view of the development of a very personal world of life and thought, and are thus a mirror of our time.
Journalists, gallerists and fellow artists avidly follow Wolfgang Glechner‘s work and career. All of this interest emphasizes the constantly growing excitement about Wolfgang Glechner's creations.

".. exuberant chroma is Glechners trademark ....... the colors radiate and flicker harmoniously tamed ... (Magazine "Tirolerin", March 2018, on the occasion of the big exhibition in the Altstadt Galerie Hall)
"... works whose vivacity of color can hardly be increased. Wolfgang Glechner, the "tamer of bang colors", banned his life in shocking, psychedelic to sometimes childlike looking paintings ... "(APA,  about the exhibition "Der Knallfarbendompteur" in the gallery Lehner, Vienna)

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